Logistic Features

Valuable data that can be viewed virtually anywhere, anytime.

Nishchal Soft Logistic


Best way to take booking from Customers and possible to have predefiend rates per customer can take Booking sheet print and Invoice for same.

Lorry Recipt

Very Easy to Create Lorry receipt by just selecting Details. While creating Lorry receipt system also calculates Charges Amount. Again easy to have multiple copy print for Lorry Receipt.

Truck Sheet

Truck sheet is Important part for Logistic. While creating Truck sheet system displays all LR which is not dispatched and still there in Our Stock. By just selecting which LR to load and Truck No. It is also easy to take print for any Trucksheet.


In our System Accounting is also Easily done. When Lorry Receipt created system automatically enters Debit entry for Appropriate customer and while you receive Payment it is Easy to enter Credit for that Party. It is possible to take receipt Print also. And you can Export data to Import in Tally accounting System.

Branch Dashboard

Instant highlights of current work.

Multi Branches

System is very easy functional with multiple Branches. Different Login area for different branches. And can see differnt booking for own branch and LR coming to branch and much more...

Centralized Reporting

Gives you complete status of your business at a glance. Fully web-based dashboard with user-friendly reports.

More Features


System sends LR copy to consignor and consignee via email and SMS when Truck sheet created.

Customer Details

Manages customer details with different Rates for different category and for different routes.

Truck Information

You can manage vehicle information, driver information and which driver is allotted to which vehicle.

Tally Integration

If you want Tally Accounting for your business you do not need to Re-enter all data in tally system. It is possible to have all data from this system to Tally.

Customize Report

You can see multiple reports for Booking or Service tax, Accounting.

User Management

System allows to create multiple user with different Role and their access.


System allows to change your preferences for print and system generated numbers.


Utility is a different part which is helpful to maintain and use system smoothly. One of the Utility is merging where if you have same customer with different identity you can merge that two customer identity in single identity.


Per Branch  4000/Yr.

For Special Price, Contact Our Sales Team.

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