Total training period is 6 months, that is defined in 2 parts. First three months you will learn basic programming concept and technique for conversion of business requirement into technical detail and implementation.

At end of 3 months you should be read to start your professional journey into creating better software application.

Second part of training involves hand on experience in project development. Here you will work extensively on best engineering practice, design pattern and enterprise application concept.

In some cases we find a candidate more suitable for early hiring and we offer early startup where we also provide stipend.

And in some adverse condition, you find that you are not able to pick up hard core programming and this may not be suitable for you. In that case we recommend you to try other profile in company.[Only in Agreement]

Management decision will be final and binding to you.

Company will amend/change its policy time to time to have smooth and profitable operation. Such change will be communicated to you. Not to mention that being a company policy, it will be binding to you. [Only in Agreement]

Company provide free training to find better candidate whom we can hire. So we will have primary interview/meeting with you to decide if we can include you in our training program.

Company invest time, material and manpower in conducting these trainings and whatever you develop/work upon will be intellectual property of company and you will not be allowed to copy/delete/transform or destroy it. We can take legal action against you, if we found you violating this rule.